Who We Are

Workplace culture has changed and will continue to change. With this change comes great opportunities to achieve success.

​​L2L - Link to Leadership is a professional development consultancy providing solutions for improving communication, engagement, connecting people ​with their workplaces, and leaders with their people.

Our core values are Compassion, Agility, Growth Mindset, and Fun.  As professionals, we understand high-performance takes focus, discipline, and desire. We serve as a neutral third party, your thought partners, and an extension of your workplace.​

We understand how people impact the workplace, how teams function at their best, and what it takes to be an effective leader. Our personal and strategic solutions enable growth, increase performance, and improve results.

We are professionally trained and certified leadership coaches who ensure our clients get what they need to keep moving forward. People choose us when they are ready to take action and dramatically improve their current state.

Creating Lasting Changes in People and Teams​!

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Create Cohesive Teams

Innovate, problem solve and produce better work.  Foundational and ongoing tailored solutions to improve confidence, motivation, and engagement. 


Overcome Conflict

Overcome obstacles, tap into your potential and increase self-awareness. Development solutions that identify and strengthen soft skills necessary to keep you moving forward.


Be a Better Leader

Make better decisions, get the most from your team and your organization. Identify strengths, action steps for improvement and create a strategy to meet your business objectives.

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What We Do

Our professional development solutions leverage the framework of  Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors®  - based on Patrick Lencioni’s model for teamwork to help take individuals through self-discovery, team dynamics, and leadership effectiveness.

We provide industry-leading 360-degree feedback assessments for individuals, team members, and leaders looking to improve organizational success.

We leverage our personalized insights to create powerful, customized, and authentic team development solutions that empower individuals to make lasting change.​


  • Improve Collaboration and Teamwork ​
  • Increase Productivity
  • Strengthen Workplace Relationships
  • Develop Exemplary Leaders
  • Assessments We Use

    As certified leadership coaches we use assessments to provide deeper insight into work behaviors, stressors, team challenges, and leadership competencies. Assessments in conjunction with coaching reveal specific areas of focus necessary to create strategies for improvement and a roadmap for success.

    We use only the best, top-rated, validated assessments. We are Certified Wiley Partners and professionally trained to guide you through challenges, help build trust, resolve conflict, improve communication, and most importantly – become more productive.

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    "My leaders are totally unaware of the impact they have on the individuals they lead"
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    “How can I gain self-awareness and communicate more effectively?”
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