Revive Your Team

A Solution for a more Engaged, Aligned, and Productive workforce.

L2L Bootcamp (1)

2020 was a challenging year for all of us. Now as we begin a new year of hope and new beginnings, L2L is launching a bootcamp to get teams refocused on collaboration.

“Revive Your Team” is a 30-day program that will provide tools and solutions to rebuild your team’s communication strategies.

The program can be customized for ten or more participants and includes:

  • Individual Everything DiSC Assessments or DiSC on Catalyst Assessments
  • Access to the Catalyst Platform and DiSC Reports
  • Individual One-Hour Debriefs
  • Customized team program where everyone comes together for either a 4-hour onsite program or four 60-minute virtual sessions:
  • Individuals will better understand and appreciate the differences each person brings to the team
    • The team will identify specific strategies on how to work better together
    • The organization will receive a customized team culture report for ongoing organizational development.

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