"Revive Your Team"

 Working  Better Together!

L2L Bootcamp (1)

Workplaces are always changing. Many were dismantled and workers were displaced. Leaders are looking for a way to get their teams back on track and refocused on what matters most...their work.

“Revive Your Team” is a workshop specifically designed to re-boot your team by addressing their current challenges,  discovering their communication style, motivators, and stressors. Teams will discuss a collective strategy to improve communication and collaboration.


  • On-site, Remote, or Hybrid teams
  • Individual Everything DiSC Assessments or DiSC on Catalyst Assessments
  • Access to the Catalyst Platform and DiSC Reports
  • Customized team program where everyone comes together for either a 2-hour onsite program or 90-minute virtual session


  • Individuals will better understand and appreciate the differences each person brings to the team
  • Teams will have specific strategies and tools to work better together
  • Leaders will notice less conflict based on assumptions
  • Organizations will see higher productivity, engagement, and profits