We are passionate about our work. We have a unique approach to professional development. With high-level coaching, engaging facilitation, and customized programs, leaders and teams have become more aligned and engaged. We provide a solid foundation for you to build on and help you reach your full potential.

Our Story

We Welcome Challenges and Dare to Risk!

We began "working together" competing on an all-girl adventure racing team. We did quite well even though we weren't necessarily the most talented team. We contributed our success to trust, effective communication, and hard work. We were a diverse team with individual talents and weaknesses. Cohesion was necessary for success. We needed to be engaged and aligned in order to thrive. We evolved over time (personally and as a team), we often felt discouraged yet we didn't give up. We knew we could navigate through unpredicted obstacles, scale walls, and run or bike at night, but it was great leadership and amazing teamwork that made us winners.

With decades of working with teams and on teams, we decided to combine our education, skills, and experience and form a new team, L2L Consulting Team - a link to leadership. Our facilitation, coaching, and training are fueled by our passion to enable others to tap into their potential and thrive!

We bring our compassion, competitive edge, and humor to our workshops, coaching, and programs. We are excited where we are today but look forward to a long journey ahead".                                                                                                                                                    Helene & Lynne

Our Team

Helene St. Pierre

Helene St. Pierre, M.A.O.D.

Board Certified Executive & Leadership Coach

Helene St. Pierre is an experienced executive coach, leadership coach, and team coach/facilitator. Helene is highly adept at helping people identify their challenges, capabilities, and strengths in order for them to reach higher levels of effectiveness in their personal and professional lives.

Helene's approach inspires engagement and powerful conversations and is proven to improve collaboration and team alignment. Helene is professional, insightful, and motivating.

Lynne Powers

 Lynne Powers

Certified Coach & Business Development

Lynne Powers is experienced in the field of psychology, marketing, and business development. Lynne works with individuals and organizations to find the best professional development solutions to fit their goals. She designs customized programs and workshops that are engaging and sustain long-lasting results.

Lynne's approach is about building strong relationships which a driving force behind her success. Lynne is passionate, innovative, and optimistic.

IMG 1641

Jacob Cerda

Digital Marketing & Communications Director

Jacob has been into computers since a young age. His dad taught him how to use a mouse when he was only one year old.

Although Jacob has a physical disability, his mind is sharp and does not let anything stand in his way. Jacob’s role models are C.S. Lewis and Walt Disney, for their unwavering faith in God and endless imagination. He enjoys learning new things and looks forward to new challenges. Jacob has been working with L2L since November doing digital marketing and web design!


“Our Team Learned So Much”

L2L – Link to Leadership provided a team development workshop where we learned more about our team and how we all work and communicate differently. They gave us tools to better our communication and become a more united and cohesive team. 

Mike Knutz

Optimized Solutions

“Knowledgeable Coaches”

Lynne and Helene are kind, knowledgeable, and truly want our team to be successful. Their facilitation methods create a space for both individual and team growth!

Christina Hinkle

Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences

“Coaches are a lot of fun to work with”

Helene and Lynne with L2L are a big part of the success of our company. In the past, we have struggled to develop a clear mission and nurture a culture that supports that mission. They took the time to truly understand our business and unique challenges — then provided a safe space for us to explore the best path moving forward. Helene and Lynne are sharp, approachable, results-oriented…and a lot of fun to work with. We look forward to a long, prosperous relationship with L2L. Thank you!

Kara Prior

President, James Publishing

“Great Results!”

I truly believe in DiSC and see the positive changes it has brought about in me and how our employees work together. I can’t wait to see what’s next! Thank you Lynne and Helene for your ongoing support. I couldn’t do this without you.

Terri Penniston

Director of Operations, Russell and Lazarus